Add Swipp to your content and let your customers talk back.

Swipp offers marketers and brands the ability to cultivate engagement, measure sentiment, increase time on site, boost page views, and make content more relevant. 

Swipp unlocks the wisdom of the world with consumer and commercial applications that capture, aggregate, and report real-time data via the Swipp platform. 
Check out these reference apps built on the Swipp Platform.


Swipp Consumer Apps

The Swipp platform has also been used to create a native iPhone app and web app, allowing people to speak their mind on virtually any topic and instantly see what the rest of the world is also thinking about that topic. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Swipp Widgets

Swipp Widgets allow you to add Swipp to any web property and gather customer feedback about the entire site, a particular topic, a particular product or a single story. WATCH THE VIDEO.


Swipp Surveys

Swipp Surveys allow you to query your customers and readers on specific topics and gather full spectrum sentiment responses. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Swipp WordPress Plugin

Quickly drop Swipp into your blog using the Swipp Wordpress Plugin to increase responses, engagement and communication. WATCH THE VIDEO.


Swipp Polls for Facebook

Swipp even works within facebook, allowing you to gather sentiment data directly from social streams and communities. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Swipp Email Insights

Drop Swipp into your email for direct feedback about the contents or offer. Putting Swipp into the email increases the rate of response from email based offers and begins the conversation with that customer. WATCH THE VIDEO.



Swipp even works within traditional web advertising, increasing banner ad effectiveness and beginning the customer engagement process.